Four years later…

It’s been nearly four years – almost to the day – since I last posted.

I stopped publishing because of a specific commercial commitment with a company I was working for. It was right and proper that I did so – but almost every day I have been pained by the requirement.

It’s not a requirement any longer. So I’m aiming to start profiling awesome FinTech startups once a week. It will, I imagine, take a little while to get up to speed, but let’s see how things go.

If you’d like to be profiled – or if there’s a company you think we should be profiling – please follow the instructions right here. It’s quite straight-forward: I prefer to use the same questions for every company for consistency and they are deliberately open-ended so allow (and encourage!) opinions and ideas.

The only stipulation is that it’s the CEO and/or founder answering. Sometimes we’ve had another senior executive or co-founder answering which is also ok.

There is no cost to be profiled. I pay for the maintenance of the website myself and I do so because I find it really, really interesting to read the thoughts of those helping to deliver the next generation of financial technology services to the wider marketplace.

The site still continues to receive a lot of visits from the archive and it’s been really fascinating to follow the journey of those we’ve profiled. The value of being profiled here is the soft reach. We still have hundreds of visits to individual profiles on a given week and the site remains very well ranked in the search engines.

I wonder if it would be useful to do a catch-up on some of the individuals we’ve profiled across the years? For instance, Johan Lorenzen – former CEO of super-hot Finnish neobank Holvi (featured 28th January 2015 on FinTech Profile) has just participated in yet another awesome exit as Chairman of the Nordic open-banking super-star Aiia, acquired this week by Mastercard.

If you’ve any questions, please reach me at

Right then let us begin!


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