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Alex Hunn of freemarketFX Limited

      Today’s profile comes from Alex Hunn of freemarketFX Limited. freemarketFX is an FCA authorised currency exchange. They have created a market where companies can directly match their currency requirements with their peers for a fixed commission charge of 0.2%! Our questions are in bold. – – – – – 1. Who are […]

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Therese Tucker of BlackLine

        This week’s profile is with Therese Tucker, CEO and Founder of finance controls and automation software company BlackLine. Our questions are in bold. – – – – – 1. Who are you and what’s your background? I’m Therese Tucker, founder and CEO of BlackLine, the first company to provide enterprise software […]

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Todd Latham of Currency Cloud

              This week’s profile is from Todd Latham of Currency Cloud. Our questions are in bold. – – – – – 1. Who are you and what’s your background? My name is Todd Latham, I am the VP of Marketing at Currency Cloud. I’m probably a bit of a […]

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Michael Ward of Eclipse Financial Systems

        I am keen that we cast the FinTech net wider than Silicon Roundabout’s startup ecosystem and to this end this week I’m delighted to feature Eclipse Financial Systems which is run by serial finance entrepreneur Michael Ward. Eclipse is an independent financial services technology company, supplying comparison engines, real-time responsive customer journeys […]

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Eduardo Amo of Dato Capital

          We’re back with another profile. This time we have Eduardo Amo of Dato Capital which provides corporate and financial information about companies and directors to a global market. All our questions are in bold. – – – – – 1. Who are you and what’s your background? My name is Eduardo Amo […]

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John Davis of BCSG

        Today’s profile is all about John Davis, MD of BCSG. They are the leading business apps marketplace provider and this profile takes us through his views on the industry and how he and his company are leading the way. Our questions are in bold… – – – – – 1. Who are […]

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Martin MacMillan of Pollen VC

                  Today we will be talking to the CEO of Pollen VC, Martin MacMillan. Pollen VC gives app developers early access to their app store revenues on Apple’s iTunes and Google Play. Our questions are in bold. – – – – – 1. Who are you and […]

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Kerim Derhalli of Invstr

                  Today we talk to Kerim Derhalli of Invstr. He was formerly global head of equity trading at Deutch-Bank, and he’s developed a social networking app for finance called Invstr. Our questions are in bold. – – – – – 1. Who are you and what’s your background? I got into finance […]

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Michael Chojnacki of Closir

Today on Fintech Profile, we talk with one of the Founders of Closir, Michael Chojnacki. Closir is the world’s first dedicated investor relations platform, offering companies and investors a new way to discover, connect and engage with each other. Our questions are in bold. Let’s get started — over to Michael… – – – – – Who are you […]

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Johan Lorenzen of Holvi

Today on FinTech Profile, we talk to CEO and Co-founder of Holvi; the Finnish online banking platform for small businesses, freelancers and sole traders.  As well as providing a pan-European business platform for the digital age, Holvi provides a full replacement for the traditional bank account.  The accounts are a simple one-stop-shop to manage your business and finances and […]

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