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Abu Dhabi’s Dapi faces challenges with open banking in MENA

This one caught my attention over at Fintech Futures:Abu Dhabi-based fintech Dapi is facing challenges in implementing open banking in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region due to regulatory and technical hurdles. The company aims to provide a unified API for banks and fintechs to access customer data, but is currently facing delays […]

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An update on UAE-based BNPL provider Tabby

Fintech News AE has published a brief overview of the user journey for Tabby. It makes for interesting reading if you’re keen to see how they are structuring things. Tabby is a provider of instant credit to consumer shopping at online and offline retailers, operating in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia. Source: […]

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Swiss Fintech Instimatch Global Launches in Qatar

This one caught my attention over at Fintech News AE:Swiss fintech startup Instimatch Global has launched its digital platform in Qatar, offering a secure and efficient way for banks and financial institutions to trade short-term, cash deposits. The platform aims to provide a solution to the challenges faced by banks in managing their liquidity and […]

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Penser Explores Fintech Landscape in the Middle East

This one caught my attention over at Penser:The article discusses the growth of fintech in the Middle East, highlighting the region’s potential for innovation and investment opportunities. It also explores the challenges and opportunities for fintech companies looking to enter the market.Read more

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Buy Now Pay Later: Tabby to launch in UAE shortly

Well, this is interesting. The buy-now-pay-later space has been a hot one for quite a while so it’s no surprise that we see new launches in the Middle East. Congratulations to founder Hosam Arab for raising $2m seed to kick things off. Bring on the launch! Tabby has raised $2 million in seed funding to […]

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Riyad Bank sets aside SAR 100m ($27m) for FinTech Investments

It is always exciting to read these kinds of announcements from banks because it evidences that the ‘lights are on’ and someone is at home, as the phrase goes – that they are (hopefully_ serious about examining and experimenting with the emerging FinTech ecosystem. So good luck to all at Riyad Bank. More details below. […]

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UAE Banks to Digitize and Partner with Fintechs in Win-Win Plan

This one caught my attention over at Bloomberg:The United Arab Emirates (UAE) banking sector is set to digitize and partner with fintechs in a bid to improve customer experience and increase efficiency. The move is expected to benefit both banks and fintechs, with banks gaining access to innovative technology and fintechs gaining access to a […]

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