Get profiled

Get Profiled:

If you are the founder or senior exec of a FinTech startup, or you are an Angel Investor or VC who would like to be profiled, it’s a pretty straight-forward process.

For FinTech company profiles, we use the same questions you can see in each profile – it’s the same template, deliberately. We have a slightly different template for investors.

Here’s how the process works:

  1. Drop me an email to to tell me you’d like to be profiled – you should be the founder, co-founder or CEO of the FinTech, or you should be their marketing or PR representative (I am perfectly happy to work with PRs). Give me a bit of information about the individual and company so I can verify it’s FinTech in nature.
  2. I’ll send you the question template to fill in – it’s a simple Word document.
  3. You fill-in the answers and send the document back to me with a headshot photo and your logo – and of course the right web address to link to for those who want to find out more.
  4. I publish the post – and we’re done!

There are no costs for being profiled — although please be patient!

Contribute an opinion piece:

In addition, if you have something to share with the FinTech community – such as this piece submitted by Philippe Gelis, CEO and co-founder of Kantox – or this one from Georgia Hanias of Innovate Finance, please send your proposals to, who will be in touch to discus your ideas and give you some guidelines regarding suggested word count and copy deadlines for publication.

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