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We are delighted to announce a media partnership between FinTech Profile and the Fintech Law Asia 2016 conference, supported by the Law School of Nagoya University in Japan and the University of Cambridge.

The purpose of the conference is to bring together legal scholars and FinTech platforms in the Asia-Pacific region, in a collaborative environment to share experiences.  Also attending are the Japan Crowdfunding Council, the Korea Fintech Forum, Fintech startups from China, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan.

The event is to be held at Nagoya University, Japan, from 27th – 29th April 2016.

Please see the press release below for more information:

Media Release

The Conference Venue: 7F Humanities & Social Science,
Nagoya University (Higashiyama campus),
Furo-cho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya 464-8601 JAPAN
Date and Time :                  27th – 29th April, 2016.
Contact Information :

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Due to the rapid increase of Financial Technology in Asia, the 2016 Fintech Law Asia Conference will be held at Nagoya University, Japan, from April 27th to 29th 2016, to bridge the dialogue between legal scholars and platforms of Internet Finance (Fintech) in the Asia-Pacific region.


FinTech Law Asia

Dr. Robert Wardrop, Executive Director of the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance,University of Cambridge, will be a key speaker of the conference. Dr. Wardrop will share the recent 2015 Asia-Pacific Alternative Finance Benchmarking Survey, including the data from more than 400 Fintech platforms in China and the Asia-pacific region.

The platforms from the Asia-Pacific region will be invited to participate as practitioners in order to exchange their ideas and opinions regarding Asian Internet Finance issues in the roundtable discussion session of the conference. In addition, the Korea Fintech Forum and other platforms from China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and Thailand will also be attending.

FinTech Law Asia 2We also honourably invite Dr. Xin LI as a main speaker in this conference. Dr. LI works at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, which is the official and most influential research institution of social science in China. Currently, he is responsible for the Chinese governmental research project of peer-to-peer lending. He also has much research experience of the Fintech industry and will come to share his recent research of peer-to-peer lending in China.

Bringing together scholars and practitioners in a collaborative environment to share experiences and discuss issues relating to Fintech Law, will be substantial matter for the development of Fintech Law in Asia.

Funded by
“Cross-Border Legal Institution Design” (Program for Leading Graduate Schools),
Graduate School of Law, Nagoya University, Japan.

Who should apply?
Faculty and researchers, practitioners and any person who is interested in the areas of Internet Finance.

There is no attendance fee for admitted participants. However, participants are responsible for their own travel costs and accommodation in Japan.

Lunches, one conference dinner, coffee and snacks will be provided by the conference.

We can provide you with further information regarding accommodation and visa requirements.

Legal scholars, practitioners, researchers and students with research interests in related fields are welcome to submit applications to the conference.

Please send your contact information and CV to
before April 8th, 2016. No official reference letter is required in the application.

Paper Presentation
If you are interested in presenting your related work in the conference, please submit the abstract of your paper (around 300 words) (in English) together with your CV before March 31st , 2016. Successful applicants and presenters will be notified by April 8th,2016.

The Conference OrganisersFinTech Law Asia 5

Chen Hung Yi
The 2016 Fintech Law in Asia Conference Organizer.
Ph.D. Candidate, Graduate School of Law,
Nagoya University.

“In the recent years, it is inevitable that the financial technology or Fintech took the significant role toward the evolution of financial services industry in Asia. Bridging the dialogue between legal scholars and platforms of Internet Finance in Asia-Pacific region is our conference goal and it will be substantial for the future of Asia Fintech Law.”

Pawee JenweeranonFinTech Law Asia 6
The 2016 Fintech Law in Asia Conference Co-organizer.
Graduate School Student, Graduate School of Law,
Nagoya University.

“From mobile banking, virtual currency, peer to peer lending to Crowdfunding and beyond, these are the examples of the development of Fintech services in Asia. Collaboration among the people from different specializations which are legal scholars, practitioners, financiers and innovators is essential for legal basis preparation in this region.”

For further details of the conference FinTech Law Asia 3

If you have interest in this event, we welcome for your registration. You can register via the following link:

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