Who is Ewan?

CDO of Nordea Bank

Ewan is soon to become the joint Chief Digital Officer at Nordea Bank.


Ewan is a seasoned corporate entrepreneur with proven track record.  A wildcard; Ewan finished University then founded a dotcom startup, raised $1m and proceeded to spend his twenties building and selling a host of successful digital products and services.  You can read more about his early achievements here.

Management Consultant

Ewan went on to bring his entrepreneurial experience to enterprises such as Nationwide Building Society, Royal Bank of Scotland, Reed Exhibitions and First Data. He has deep experience delivering transformational change projects and programmes within large enterprises, particularly digital channels. He has typically worked in a management, delivery or advisory role, usually in IT or Digital environments, helping companies harness technology, identify opportunities and exploit them. He is fully aware of the realities of working in regulated environments subject to complex governance, compliance and risk challenges.


Ewan is also a current programmer. His long standing preference is PHP/MySQL on the LAMP stack but he is familiar with .net/MSSQL. He has created apps for iOS and Android and recently coded a system to hook into Amazon S3’s systems. He has authored many online services that have reliably supported millions of users.


Ewan is also a blogger:

– Founder and Editor of Mobile Industry Review, which provides news and perspective to tens of thousands of executives
– Co-founder of the 361 mobile podcast, now in it’s 10th series, which has tens of thousands of listeners
– Founder and Editor of FinTech Profile, profiling some of the world’s most innovative tech startups, that are changing the face of financial services

Non-Executive Board Member

Ewan has been described as ‘annoyingly perceptive,’ ‘brilliantly logical’ and ‘a total and utter mind-bending genius’ (not just by his mother!). He thus regularly attends board meetings in a non-executive capacity for a number of media, tech and mobile-based companies and is an advisor to an array of FTSE and Fortune 100 conglomerates.


He also very much enjoys the opportunity to engage with audiences around the subject of the future of mobile and financial services technology.  He is happy speaking with 10 or 10,000 participants at every level.  If you’d like to discuss his participation at your event, please drop him a note at ewan@fintechprofile.com

Previous engagements include:

  • The Power of Innovation, Internal finance event, November 2014
  • The Mobile Revolution, Connections Luxury, Hampshire, UK, September 2014
  • Computer Weekly CW500 Leaders event, Enterprise Social Collaboration, September 2014
  • Internal Innovation Conference, International Bank, May 2014 (private)
  • 6 Mobile Innovations Changing The World, Global Media Company, April 2014 (private)
  • World Travel Market 2013
  • Pension Fund (private)
  • Global Fortune 100 (private)
  • The Digital Marketing Show, November 2013
    Title: “Effective mobile marketing for small businesses
  • Superuser, 5th March 2013
  • Mobile World Congress, 25-28th February, 2013
  • Global Mobile Operator Group – UK (Private), February 2013
  • Tier 1 handset manufacturer, December 2012
  • Pension Fund (Private), November 2012
  • EIBTM Future Events Experience, Barcelona, 27th-29th November, 2012
    Title: The Future of Mobile in the Meetings Industry
  • Global Mobile Operator Group (Private), November 2012
  • World Travel Market, 5-7th November, 2012
  • International Association of Conference Centres (“IACC”) European Conference, 4-6th November, 2012
    Title: The Mobile Revolution and the Meetings IndustryThe Mobile Revolution — the rocket-speed growth of the mobile industry and explore the implications for the meetings industry.  It’s no longer just about publishing an application on the App Store.  Mobile will soon be integrated into absolutely every element of the meetings marketplace — creating significant opportunity for thos organisers, venues and suppliers who start preparing for the coming revolution today
  • Eventoplus Event Innovation Summit, Barcelona, 23rd October, 2012
  • Future of Mobile, London, October 2012
  • Global Investment Bank (Private), August 2012
  • EIBTM Tech Talks, Gdansk, Poland, August 2012
  • Serbian Convention Bureau Event, Belgrade, Serbia, August 2012
  • CIBTM, China, 12th-14th September, 2012
  • Bulldog Reporter Webinar, Consumer Tech Bloggers Advise PR How to Pitch, How to Place & the Hottest Tech Trends of 2012, August 2012
  • AIBTM, Baltimore, 19th-21st June 2012
  • The Meetings Innovator Summit, London, 7th June 2012
  • Expedia Europe, Media event panel moderator, May 2012
  • Fortune 100 company, “Mobile Innovation”, May 2012
  • FTSE company, “The Future of Mobile Innovation”, January 2012
  • The CEO Summit, EIBTM Barcelona, November 2011

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