The Private Newsletter

It started with one subscriber — from one of the bank CEOs I was fortunate to work with during my career.

He asked me if I could send him the FinTech Profile whenever I published it as he wanted to stay updated on what was happening in the wider FinTech ecosystem.

Instead of adding him to the main newsletter distribution, I decided to send it to him manually. I wrote a little summary before the main profile, explaining why I’d selected the individual to profile and why their company was worth looking at.

It was one subscriber for about 10 weeks. It was a good opportunity for me to stay connected with the executive and we would regularly discuss the various profiles when we met.

Then one day he copied it to his COO who also was keen on keeping informed with FinTech.

He then copied it to his CFO colleague at another bank.

I knew both, so asked if I should send them the same update.

And so began The Private Newsletter

I now send the update to a few hundred C-Level bank executives in the UK, Europe and the Middle East. They are typically individuals whom I have worked directly with, those I’ve met or those who have been referred. Over time the audience has developed to include some CEOs of established, quoted or almost quoted FinTechs too.

The Content

I’ve kept things more or less as I started. I include commentary about each company and CEO/founder that I’m featuring. I also include interesting links, insights or perspectives on what I’m seeing in the wider FinTech ecosystem.

I don’t publish the full profile in this newsletter just to keep things easy to scan. Instead, I include the first few paragraphs followed by a click-through link.

Invite only

To keep to the intimacy, it’s invite-only. If you are a CEO or C-Level executive at a regulated bank, then you automatically qualify to be included. Please email me at from your company email and I’ll get you added. Likewise, if you’re C-Level at a leading publicly quoted FinTech, or you’re on that trajectory, you qualify. Please send me a note.

I use Mailchimp to send the Private Newsletter, so you can automatically unsubscribe at any time without having to speak to me — and your email won’t ever be public.

Thanks for reading,