FinTech Influencers

In this section, I’m working to create a definitive list of Finfluencers (that is, “FinTech Influencers”) who have developed a following across the Financial Services and Technology ecosystem.

If you’d like to be a bit more informed, perhaps you should be following one (or all!) of these individuals?

In time I am hoping to be able to interview each of the individuals below.

If you’ve got any suggestions for new additions to list, please drop me a note.

Independent FinTech Influencers

These are individuals who represent themselves and are independent of a larger organisation or consultancy (alphabetical by firstname):

  • Simon Taylor: Simon publishes regular FinTech breakdowns and commentary under his publication FinTech Brainfood. You’ll also find updates on his LinkedIn posts and on X too. Follow Simon on LinkedIn here: Simon Taylor. Simon is also the Head of Content at Sardine.

Corporate Expert Influencers

These are users who are FinTech experts working on behalf of a company or consultancy (alphabetical by firstname):

  • Arjun Vir Singh: Arjun is a Partner at Arthur D. Little and is Global Co-Head of FinTech. He’s also the founder of Couchonomics with Arjun, a fantastic (video) podcast featuring senior executives from around the Middle Eastern region discussing FinTech. Follow Arjun on LinkedIn here: Arjun Vir Singh.