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Another interesting job: Head of Crowdfunding, Saudi Arabia

Now then I caught this one the other day and made a note to write about it – the job title is Head of Crowdfunding. That’s it. There’s a small write-up from the recruiter, Huxley, aaaaand that’s about all the information! Here’s what’s published on the LinkedIn add:

On behalf of our client, we are recruiting for a Head of Crowdfunding for a Financial Services / Investment company. The position will be based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The role will be reporting to the Head of Finance. Fintech background is preferable / Experience in Fintech platforms. CMA 1 or CMA 5 would be a plus. Looking for someone who is part of the Investment Banking / Corporate Finance Division. 5 – 12 Years of experience If you are interested in this position, please do reach out to Sneha Jashnani at Huxley, Dubai Office via LinkedIn. To find out more about Huxley, please visit

Now then, there’s not a lot of information in that post, is there? 😉

What interests me is that someone in a bank or investment firm (it must be something financial, right?) based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, is serious enough about the concept of crowd funding that they’ve decided to hire someone. This can only be good news as it would suggest that the institution is either about to start investing significantly in the arena – or they’ve already started.

Crowd funding as a concept has been developing in the region, especially with a lot of recent regulator support. For example, in the middle of last year the Capital Markets Authority in Oman announced its first crowd funding license for Ethis (“Ethical Islamic investing”).

In Dubai, the property crowd funding area is particularly hot and it feels reasonably mature to me, despite only being – what – one or two years old? I am a customer of both Stake and Smartcrowd (both specialising in property crowd funding) and it looks like Aseel Capital is doing the same in Saudi Arabia (although I think it’s only for Saudi residents).

Anyway if you’re a little interested in the role, it might be worth an exploratory chat with Huxley’s Sneha – I hyperlinked direct to her profile above. Good luck!

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