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James O'Sullivan - Founder & CEO of Nuke From Orbit.

James O’Sullivan, CEO & Founder of Nuke from Orbit

Who are you and what’s your background? I am James O’Sullivan, CEO and Founder of Nuke From Orbit. I am a technology entrepreneur, having been in technology all my life. I wrote my first programme in the late 80s when I was eight. Most notably, I founded Kobas, the complete hospitality management platform, in 2009, […]

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Steve Round, Co-Founder of SaaScada

In today’s profile we are featuring Steve Round, the Co-Founder of SaaScada. Who are you and what’s your background? Steve Round, Co-Founder of SaaScada I’m Steve Round – Co-Founder of SaaScada and in a nut shell: 7 years as Chair, Ecology Building Society – building a greener society. 10 years as Chair, The Big Issue […]

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Claus Nielsen

Claus Nielsen, CEO & Co-Founder of CXFacts

Today’s profile features Claus Nielsen, CEO & Co-Founder of CXFacts. CXFacts provides a SaaS platform for unparalleled bank insights on their quality of service for corporate treasuries and as well unparalleled corporate customer insights for banks. One solution, globally, for both the sell-side and the buy-side. Who are you and what’s your background? I spent […]

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DALL·E 2024-02-28 14.05.43 - Create a widescreen image illustrating a banking chatbot handling thousands of messages with retail customer phones. The scene should depict a futuris

It’s time to get that banking chatbot deployed

Does your bank still have legions of customer service agents bashing keyboards and phones? Most banks do.The leading financial players are way, way ahead of you.We deployed a chatbot at my bank a few years ago.Customers responded really, really well to it.The first-time resolution rates were utterly astonishing – and this was 5 years ago.I […]

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UniCredit buying Vodeno would bring some excitement to the European Banking market

An ‘artist’s impression’ of the engine room of a bank (thanks to the imagination of ChatGPT) Here’s an opinion piece from Ewan published earlier today on LinkedIn: UniCredit is rumoured to be interested in buying Banking-as-a-Service player, Vodeno. So says a Bloomberg report this morning. Just what would that do to the European banking landscape? […]

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Digital Saudi: My super contactless journey in Riyadh

So following on from my fantastic contactless Dubai experiment, I flew to Saudi Arabia yesterday. I would normally use a local taxi from the airport – but this time I decided to check out Careem (Uber) and used that to summon a Lexus 350 with a local driver. “Kif Halik?” (How are you?) He asked […]

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