Hello June!

We are officially half way through the year – and I still reckon it feels about late February. Time flies. And what an exciting time we’ve been having here at Fintech Profile. Back in January we set out to profile a new Fintech player every single week and I can’t tell you how delighted we all […]

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Peter Hans of Harvest

          Today we are joined by CEO and co-founder of Harvest, Peter Hans. Harvest connects asset management product buyers and sellers through shared expertise across a public marketplace and private networks. Let’s find out more in today’s profile. Our questions are in bold. – – – – – Who are you […]

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Emmanuel Marot of LendingRobot

          We are back with another profile and this week we have Emmanuel Marot from LendingRobot, Our questions are in bold. – – – – 1. Who are you and what’s your background? I’m Emmanuel Marot. I’m a serial entrepreneur, who came to the US after selling my previous startup to […]

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Keith Stonell of Guidewire

        Today’s profile comes from Keith Stonell from Guidewire. Let’s find out more about him and Guidewire. Our questions are in bold. —– 1. Who are you and what’s your background? I am 30 years young in FinTech. Started in consulting and then tech sales. Insurance is relatively new for me though, as […]

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Clare Flynn Levy of Essentia Analytics

        Today we are joined by Clare Flynn Levy from Essentia Analytics. Essentia Analytics produces cloud-based software that provides professional investors with an accurate, continuous feedback loop to help them make better investment decisions. Let’s get cracking with her profile answers, our questions are in bold. – – – – – 1. […]

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Stuart Lucas of Asset Match

          Another profile this week with a look at Asset Match. Asset Match is the online marketplace where shares in UK private companies can be bought and sold. Stuart Lucas answers our questions below Our questions are in bold. – – – – – Who are you and what’s your background? […]

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Eamon Jubbawy of Onfido

        This week’s profile is from Eamon Jubbawy of Onfido. Onfido, a data-driven platform providing automated background checks for FinTech AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and sharing economy users, was set up just over two years ago by young entrepreneurs Husayn Kassai (25), Eamon Jubbawy (23) and Ruhul Amin (27). Having completed their studies at Oxford, the […]

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Philippe Gelis of Kantox

            Today on FinTech Profile, we have Philippe Gelis from Kantox. Kantox is a pioneering peer-to-peer foreign exchange platform for businesses, bringing SMEs and mid-caps a cost-effective and transparent alternative to trading FX with banks and brokers. Our questions are in bold. – – – – – What is your […]

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Jens Saltin of Klarna

      We have another profile up this week from Jens Saltin of Klarna. Klarna is an online ‘one click to buy’ checkout solution and payments provider that simplifies buying for consumers and retailers. Our questions are in bold. – – – – – Who are you and what’s your background?
 My name is […]

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Alex Hunn of freemarketFX Limited

      Today’s profile comes from Alex Hunn of freemarketFX Limited. freemarketFX is an FCA authorised currency exchange. They have created a market where companies can directly match their currency requirements with their peers for a fixed commission charge of 0.2%! Our questions are in bold. – – – – – 1. Who are […]

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