What does Brexit mean for London’s FinTech Community?

We have another comment back on our question – this time from Luke Lang of crowdcube, who we interviewed here on FinTech Profile last summer.

Luke worked on this comment about the impact of Brexit on FinTech, together with the rest of the UK Crowdfunding Association, as follows:

Luke Lang, Crowdcube. Photo: Professional Images/@ProfImages

The UK Crowdfunding Association has worked hard to create a more diverse, innovative and resilient financial system that gives people a real choice about how they invest, save and donate their money for things they care about.  Whilst the outcome of this referendum will have implications for the financial services industry, the UKCFA represents a resilient and adaptable sector and we do not envisage it having a negative impact on crowdfunding activity. Indeed, there may be significant opportunity.  The government has made it a priority that the UK is a world leader in alternative finance generally and we will continue to work with stakeholders to support the UK’s maintenance of its position as a global fintech hub.

Thanks to Luke for providing this comment for us. To read more of Luke’s thoughts on this subject, visit the crowdcube blog here.

We will continue to post the FinTech view of this subject over the next few days.  If you are a FinTech founder and have something to say on this topic – or would like to be profiled, please contact us.  We will be delighted to hear from you!

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