What does Brexit mean for London’s FinTech Community?

Back with another comment on the Brexit question today from Luis Carranza, Founder of London Fintech Week.


The financial market fluctuations over the past few days have shown that Brexit is causing initial shockwaves in the City and throughout the global financial community. Despite this upheaval, we know that London and its investors have been pivotal to the innovations in fintech that we have seen over recent years – and we’re not expecting this to slow any time soon. Creating solutions to incredibly complex financial conundrums is something that London has proven to be world leader in, so I fully expect the community to pull together and successfully overcome barriers that arise from the EU referendum.

Another positive take on how Luis believes the community will tackle the challenges to be faced over the coming weeks and months.  Many thanks to him for this contribution.

FinTech Profile are delighted to be supporting London FinTech Week 2016 which takes place at various locations throughout the city later this month, from 15th-22nd July.

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